Henry County Solid Waste Department

Contact information:

Jerry Whitehead, Superintendent



Sanitation application

Henry County Landfill Guidelines

Sanitation ETF


Pick up Schedule and Road Side Rules

1. Garbage shall be placed by roadside no further from the road than the ditch line prior to 6:00 a.m. on collection day.

2. Loose garbage will only be picked up in regular 30 gallon or smaller cans.

3. Garbage placed in any other containers larger than 30 gallons shall be placed in quality garbage bags.

4. If sanitation department employees tear open bags and scatter garbage they are responsible for cleaning it up.

5. If garbage is scattered prior to their arrival, the loose garbage will be picked up the first time by sanitation employees.

6. If the garbage is scattered the second week it will not be picked up.

Sanitation employees are not to pick up metal, furniture, paint cans with paint, oil containers with oil, building material debris, limbs, leaves(yard trimmings) or anything other than “household” garbage.

Holiday Schedule 

These are the holidays the office is closed.

New Year’s Day Jan. l, Robert E. Lee / Martin Luther King Birthday, George Washington / Thomas Jefferson Birthday, Confederate Memorial Day, National Memorial Day, Jefferson Davis Birthday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

The holidays below are not worked by the Henry County Solid Waste Department employees that run the routes. If your pick up falls on or after one or these holidays then your weekly pickup will be one day late. All other holidays listed above will be picked on their regular scheduled day.

New Year’s Day

July Fourth

Labor Day



Payment Options 

The fee is $14.00 per month with a $3.00 late fee added if not paid by the last business day of the month. The payment options include” FTI” and it is deducted around the 20th each month.

Debit / credit card payments can be made in the office or over the phone however there will be a fee of $.50 up to $20.00 thereafter it is calculated at 2.5% of amount. The fee goes to the provider of the service not the County.

Checks and cash payments will be accepted. Customers may make payments in advance.

There is a $30.00 returned check fee if a check or EFT transaction is returned.