Adoption is the legal procedure through which a minor is recognized by law as being the son or daughter of the adopting adult(s) and as having all of the rights and duties of such relationship including the right of inheritance. The adoptee takes the name designated by the petitioner.

What Steps Are Usually Involved In An Adoption?

Pre-placement investigation.

All necessary consents and/or relinquishments concerning the adoption are obtained.

Guardian ad litem is appointed when either natural parent of the adoptee is a minor or in case of a contested hearing.

Petition court for authority to pay fees or expenses.

Placement of child with petitioners

File petition for adoption 30 days after placement.

Serve notice or obtain waiver of notice on or from all parties entitled to notice of the adoption.

Post placement investigation.


Affidavits of non-payment.

Accounting of disbursements.

What Is The Difference Between An Adoption By A Stepparent Or A Close Family Member And Others Adoptions?

There is usually a lot less formality and fewer requirements when the adoptee is being adopted by a stepparent or close family member. Unlike all other adoptions, usually no pre-placement investigation or accountings of the cost relating to the adoption are require