“The Seasons of Christmas – The Work of Christmas”

by David Money

     Like many of you, Christmas has forever been my favorite time of the year.  This one, like all the ones before it, will be special.  They have not always been prosperous by the world’s standards but God’s grace has always made them magical for me.  Looking back at the many seasons of Christmas in my life, I think of these:  (1956) At age eight, my last Alabama Christmas with my parents before we moved to Florida…two years later my parents would divorce and Daddy would bring my sister and me back to Abbeville.  That was a quiet simple Christmas – just apples, oranges, a few nuts and a flannel shirt  under the tree.  But Santa came…and I was happy.  (1966) I hadn’t planned to go to college until Uncle Lindy paid my tuition and Coach Johnny Oppert recruited me to play on the first ever Wallace College baseball team.  I was at this point living with my grandparents…I remember a Christmas filled with love.  (1976) Karen and I had been married for four years – we had a one year old daughter.  That year we saw Christmas through the eyes of our child.  Karen was the foundation of our spiritual life.   (1986) Life had changed drastically…we now had four children under twelve, I was serving Abbeville as its mayor while trying to keep a struggling Ford dealership afloat.  But by that Christmas, I had finally assumed my role as the spiritual leader of our home.  (1996) We had one at Auburn, two in high school and one in elementary school.  I was working 60 hour weeks as our business began to bounce back.  That was an exciting Christmas.  (2006) We had followed Kristen, Steve and our only grandchild to Headland.  Dave and Scott had their degrees, were still single and were beginning to establish their own careers.  Erin was transferring from Troy to Alabama.  They were scattered but still coming home for Christmas.  (2016)  We now enjoy the blessing of four children who have each married wonderful people and given us eight healthy grandchildren.  They all have families of their own and come home for Christmas in shifts…but at least they come.  And God has blessed me with the best job a man could ever have – serving the county I love (almost as much as I love Christmas.)                   But bright and beautiful December’s are often followed by bland and barren January’s.  I’m struck each year by the empty feeling of knowing that we must wait almost a full year for Christmas to come again.  So what do we do…how do we feel the void?  It is then that ‘The Work of Christmas’ begins.

“Long after the Angels are silent…well after the Shepherds are gone. The Kings have returned to their Kingdoms…and we’re left to ponder alone. Why did Christmas desert us…why do we even exist?  What is our role in The Kingdom?  Maybe our calling is this:

  • To find the lost,
  • To heal the broken,
  • To feed the hungry,
  • To teach the nations,
  • To find and share peace,
  • To bring Christ to all.”

     In this ‘Season of Christmas’ let us be about the ‘Work of Christmas.’  May the Joy and Peace of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year.  Merry Christmas.


30 Day Update:

  • December probate activity: two wills probated, five involuntary commitments, one guardianship/conservatorship, one administration and eight marriages issued.
  • If your last name ends with ‘A’ or ‘D’ January will be your month to renew your tags. Bring your driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance.
  • 18 – we took our grandchildren to the Wallace College production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Broadway quality for much less than the cost of a movie.
  • 30 – a special ‘thank you’ to everyone involved in the Abbeville Christmas program on west lawn of the court house. It was very meaningful and well attended.
  • 3 – attended the SEARP&DC board meeting in Dothan.
  • 7/8 – attended the Association of County Commissions of Alabama’s two day legislative session in Montgomery. This is an effective, extremely well-run organization. 
  • 3 – Newville Christmas parade – we were out of town and were unable to attend.
  • 8 – was honored to emcee the Abbeville Christmas parade.
  • 10 – enjoyed riding in the Headland Christmas parade
  • 13 – Henry County Commission meetings (Happy 197th Birthday, Henry County)
  • 14 – Happy 197th Birthday, State of Alabama
  • 14 – Henry County Youth Leadership Program’s ‘Law and Government Day.’ We had a great day teaching students about law enforcement, the court system and government in general.  Special thanks to Judge Derek Peterson, Sheriff Will Maddox, Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy Larry Hudson, Chief Jailer Lee Padget, Deputy Troy Silva and Jason Owen of the Wallace College Criminal Justice ‘Active Shooter’ simulator…we had a great day. 


Dates to Remember:

  • 23 – the court house will close for Christmas at 1:00 PM on Friday, December 23rd and will re-open at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, December 27th.
  • 25 – Merry Christmas
  • 1 – Happy New Year
  • 2 – the Henry County Court House will be closed today for the New Year holiday.
  • 3 – January Administrative meeting – 9:00 AM – Probate Court Room
  • 3 – January Commission meeting – 10:30 AM – Probate Court Room
  • 8/9 – Alabama Probate Judges Association Winter conference at Point Clear
  • 10 – Lasaffre Red Star Yeast Ribbon Cutting/Expansion Celebration – Headland plant
  • 12 – Chris Padget to be sworn in as Henry County School Superintendent – 5:00 PM
  • 16 – Martin Luther King holiday
  • 20 – Presidential Inauguration Day
  • 23 – Henry County Commission work session – 9:00 AM
  • 24 – ACCA District Commission meeting – Luverne United Methodist Church
  • 25 – HCYLP ‘Healthcare Day’